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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Dr Neddy Matshalaga

Executive Director- Dr Neddy Matshalaga It is the month of October and as a firm we have taken a stance to support the efforts of raising awareness on breast cancer. The effects of breast  cancer to families has been devastating world over and it has come very close...

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Evaluation in Zimbabwe and the region

"Many funded partners consider hiring evaluation consultants to carry out evaluation activities. This brief explores possible advantages and disadvantages of using an evaluation consultant; steps to follow to hire an evaluation consultant; how to identify a qualified...

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Gender & Development strategies

The GDI measures gender gaps in human development achievements by accounting for disparities between women and men in three basic dimensions of human development—health, knowledge and living standards using the same component indicators as in...

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RBM Strategy Development

The unexpected failures, the down time associated with such failures, the loss of production and, the higher maintenance costs are major problems in any process plant. Risk-based maintenance (RBM) approach helps in designing an alternative strategy to minimize the...

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