Gender & Development


We offer a wide range of services in this area which include: Gender analysis, capacity in gender competencies; mainstreaming gender and women’s empowerment issues into policies and programmes. We also conduct research.
The attainment of gender equity is not only a fulfilment of human rights, but rather a key determinant to human development. There is a great strength and foundation in gender and development instigated by the unquestionable capabilities of the owner and Director. The director leads and imparts knowledge to team members for the running of a very strong gender and development unit that aspires to grow into an institute of excellence in gender and research. Over the years, Primson is a trendsetter in (i) Gender analysis and planning, (ii) Mainstreaming gender issues in development interventions and policy (iii) Gender based violence (iv) Capacity enhancement of development workers in gender competencies and (v) Development of gender policies at all levels. Primson offers a wide array of services in gender and development according to the needs of the client.

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